Tuesday, August 4, 2009

viva las vegas

The landscape is always changing here in Vegas

Here we are again having another Vegas vacation. See, the thing is DH has to come anyway since this is part of his sales territory. He's usually here for 2-3 days every month. And well... we just can't resist tagging along during summer. Something we just can't resist about a stay in a nice hotel with maid service, a/c, cable, a spectacular pool, etc. etc.

We're at the MGM Signature Suites again and would you believe we are in the same exact room as last year? This place is a trio of towers each with over 30 floors and who knows how many rooms on each floor so what are the odds we'd end up in the exact room we occupied last August? (I'm inclined to believe they put us here intentionally.) Anyway, it has made us feel quite "at home".

DH is working today, so the kids and I are kicking back until it gets cool enough to go down to the pool. Might go see a movie today too if there is anything appealing. Yesterday we made our obligatory trek to the Peppermill Restaurant (it's a must-stop for us --we might even have to go again once more before we leave). We kicked around town for awhile before coming back to float around the MGM's lazy river.

Summertime and the living is easy!

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tina k. said...

swear we are going to write a book together someday about vegas.....until then let's continue to take research trips!!!!