Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I'm back, after that brief (1 week!) disconnect.

We had a supah time in Vegas, though it truly was the laziest trip we've had yet. Well not for DH who worked hard for the money the first several days. We were at the Signature Suites at MGM, a pretty cool suite-style venue. Our room had a kitchenette of sorts, a flat panel screen and DVD player, unlimited wireless access and access to the amenities at the main MGM hotel. It was a lovely place and our stay was mostly smooth and uneventful, with one notable exception. We lost power one night.

That was a pretty eerie experience -- being on the 30th floor with no elevators and only emergency lighting in the hallway for well over an hour (maybe closer to two?) A transformer had blown and all three towers were dark until the city could restore it. DH suggested a walk downstairs (uh, 30 flights? I don't think so! Especially after that jumbo mango mojito.) We parked ourselves in the hallway and played dominoes. And just before I could start to worry too much about the lack of a/c, the power kicked back on. Whew!

Here's some pics.

Heard this iTunes commercial ... oh I don't EVEN know how many times when we walked along the exterior of the mall and then across the bridge to the Wynn Esplanade. I probably should be sick of it, but I'm not (yet). Sort of feels like it was our vacation soundtrack. Just shut up and let me go:


Jennifer Priest said...

LOL about the commercial!! What nice hotel digs!! How fun! Did anyone sit in that weird spiral chair? I'd love to see a pic of that!

simply susan said...

What a crack up! We were in Vegas the first week of August and stayed at the Venetian. So we walked that bridge atleast once a day (ate at The Capital Grill 2x) and that snippit from the song played the whole time! I found myself saying "Shut up and let me go!" in my sleep! I was going cookoo! Plus I was still walking slow, irritable from the heat, and "shut up and let me go!" So funny you put it on your site. I forgot about it already! LOL!

Trisha said...

Dang that room looks super sweet!!!!
Sorry you loss power while you were there, that would had been a little eerie!