Friday, July 10, 2009

not gonna do it

I'm not very good at taking self-portraits

I was debating about whether I should do one of those long rambly "catch-up" posts that seem to be my m.o. lately, but decided against it. Instead, I'll just post a bunch of photos and give you this short & sweet "readers digest" condensed edition of the past month. One unplanned thing that happened is that our family got hit pretty hard by a flu bug. My daughter missed the whole last week of school and had to be picked up early from her Knott's Berry Farm field trip. How sad was that? Missing all the fun stuff that you wait for all school year!

Being sick also meant that we missed two days of our annual district convention. This was especially disappointing because it was an international convention with delegates coming in from other countries. But, thankfully we were able to make it for Friday & Saturday of the program.

So on to the month in photos (I got a new camera right after our day at Knott's so I've been having fun trying to learn to use it)...

My nephew's promotion ceremony - he's a middle schooler now!

Knotts Berry Farm

My sweetie was so sick - had to leave Knott's early

Me and my sis

Our boys

The Long Beach Arena - get a look at that beautiful blue sky!

Love having the big screen for a better view

My little sweetie feeling much better

A great crowd

Banners in the lobby for each language group

A pair of lovelies

During the lunch break

Me still sick w/bronchitis, but it doesn't show in the pics

A couple of little Korean cuties

The stage in the Japanese convention hall

Loved seeing all the beautiful kimonos

Love the contrast of the beautiful Korean dresses in the middle of this shot

Breakfast at Millie's

Me & Tiffany at the Table

Our squaky new lorakeet neighbors

A bubbies fish

They tried to hide, but there is no escaping my camera!


Grillmeister Steve

Uncle T




He's not driving yet, but it's looming on the horizon for sure

Group pic

Max & Tim

Totem pole at the San Dimas Nature Center

Woodpecker hanging around San Dimas Canyon Park

Finished this embarrassingly late, but here's my Friendship Soup sample

Lunch with Kris (she's moving to CO - sniff)

Some of my fave pics from the VVDC dress rehearsal on 7/9 (more pics here)
this is Celina warming up for "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friends"

Another shot from Diamonds

Love this pic of the boys - album cover style

Another fun pic from the boys' performance

... and one more - they make me think of ska bands of the 80s here

Well, that's all for now. Just a bunch of pics to remind me what I did over my summer vacation -lol.


Michelle said...

Love the photos! I like photo heavy posts too. I met a gal named Sandy today at The Table. She worked with you at SGT. We both agreed you are the sweetest! :) TTYS.

Cindy Tobey said...

Great photos Cindy!

Jennifer Priest said...

WOW!! You ARE busy!! Miss you...