Sunday, April 22, 2012

spring cleaning

My Stamp Collection Awaits a Purge
Sort & discard, sort & discard... that's what I'm all about right now. After I re-did the scrap space last summer, I was a little bit naughty. I didn't unpack all the boxes of stuff that I'd moved out of my space.

See, the thing is my stuff just wasn't fitting in my work area. And even though I have an additional space to store my class items away from my work area, truth of the matter was that I'd exceeded available space there too. So, now all the excess is making me crazy and it simply must go! (I'm sure many of you fellow crafters can totally relate to this.)

So, what's one to do with all this STUFF when one decides it's no longer needed? One passes it on! That's right, I'm having another scrapper's flea market. I had one a couple of years ago and it was pretty successful, but I'm hoping to reach even greater heights this time. I want to be a lean mean machine on the other side of this.

Won't you please help a girl out and come take away some of this stuff? You know what they say - that one (wo)man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure. Those are truly words of wisdom. At the last sale, as well as getting rid of a whole lot of stuff, I was able to pick up a few items that solved some of my storage problems (a carrying case for my Cuttlebug, and a display rack for my PaperCraft Princess boutique).

Some of my crafty friends and fellow teachers will be here selling as well so I know they will be bringing some amazing things to sell. You really just never know what you're going to find.

Hope you are able to stop and shop (and please bring a friend!)

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