Wednesday, January 18, 2012

really good goodies

Don't let the plain brown wrapper fool you

One of the good (or maybe bad?) things about networking with other crafters online is that you get wind of some very good deals. The kind that cannot be passed up. That's how I found myself placing an order at My Scraps and More a couple of weeks ago.

Their label is so cute!

 A fellow "willow" started a thread with a hard to resist subject line: 65% off. Wow!

So, here are the goodies I found myself drawn to. Thankfully, I found the sale after others had mostly cleaned the shelves (or at least taken lots of other stuff I was attracted to). But I'm super pleased with what I was able to pick up for just over $13 (that's including S&H people!)

I love a good deal. Sigh.

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