Monday, January 4, 2010

tonight's chow is chowder

Potato corn chowder, to be precise. A classic comfort sort of soup for the first weekday supper of 2010. I guess browsing soup recipes last week put me in a certain mind set, because I also made soup for dinner last night (one of our favorites - cabbage and kidney bean... I know it doesn't sound especially wonderful, but you'll have to take my word that it is!)

The last three weeks have been crazy busy, but all in a very good way. I did several private papercrafting classes in my home and had a great time visiting with friends I just don't see often enough (like my delightful cousin Leah - hey, girl hope you can come again next month!)

On the heels of the classes, I changed hats, shifted chairs and jumped into producing an e-newsletter for The Enright Company. I've been doing their newsletters for several years now, but for the last few issues I've collaborated with my son who is so much more knowledgeable at html than I am. It's been nice to have his expertise at my disposal.

Now, I'm back on home improvement duty - gotta pick out some paints and get busy re-creating the look of our living room. We've only painted one room in the house since  moving in (isn't that awful!). So, I'm thinking with some forethought, organization and self-discipline we should be able to repaint the entire interior over the course of 2010. I'm going to aim for a room a month with a few months off for the worst of summer. Sounds do-able, doesn't it?

We've also got a couple of lingering items to take care of on the house facade for our "curb appeal" project - still need to have a garage door installed, then have that and the new front door painted. And then, there are some landscaping decisions to be made as well.

Isn't it funny how every time you do something to upgrade and improve, it results in having something else to do?

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