Saturday, October 6, 2007

i love working with paper...

... unless it is paperWORK. Give me lovely patterned paper, or some good quality cardstock and I'm happy.

This weekend I'm working on tax paperwork, scrambling to get all in order and file my 2006 return by the 15th (I filed for an extension in April). I'm not a very happy camper at the moment.

This layout done for a challenge earlier this year pretty much sums it up right down to the wild colors and crazy design-lol! This page might give you nightmares --I know the 'real deal' does the same for me:


LuvJones said...

Are you a profesional paper collector as well? Join the club! LOL!

Nancy said...

eek! You only got a little over a week left...better get moving! Oh, how I don't miss working during tax season any more! hehe!