Tuesday, October 9, 2007

five minutes or less

That's how long it takes to do the free make-n-take at Scrappin' Good Times. I know you're busy. I know you're at work, or you're running errands or you just have too much on your plate. But if you're going to be near the store anyway, and can pull just a few minutes out of your day then I hope I'll see you.

This month's card uses a bold graphic paper. A less-than-girly paper. And there's a reason for that people. Next week is BOSSES DAY! What a great time to pop into the store and whip out a card for the boss (yes this one works for male or female bosses) and put a few things in a basket for yourself too.

Maybe you don't have a boss. Maybe you don't want to give your boss a card. That's okay --we'll be doing thank you cards too.

Hope I see you tomorrow at the store. I'll be there from 11am until 1pm.


Nancy said...

Cute card!!!

LuvJones said...

Cute Cindy!

Carol said...

Love your blog. I started to read it during the ShopHop. OMG, what fun THAT was. I went to SGT during the hop, and fell in love with the place. I'm thinking of attending some crops and taking some of those yummy classes.

You do some fantastic layouts...hope to see you these one night/day.

Jessica Guthrie said...

So cute! I wish SGT was closer to me (or I was closer to it!). I love the store and would scrap there all the time!