Wednesday, October 3, 2007

stars in my eyes

Da da da da, DA da da, da da da DA DA!

I'm so thrilled because I just scored some tickets to go see Dancing with the Stars taped later this month. How cool is that?!

I'll admit I haven't always been an absolute die-hard fan of the show. There was one season where I only caught an episode or two and last season I missed most of the early shows. But this year I'm hooked! All the teams are just SO good and it's such a fun show to watch. Can't wait to see the glitz and glamour in person!


Leah said...

WOOHOO congratulations :)
Love the layouts, so awesome.
and the fair photos are too cool!!

shirley said...

Have FUN!! that is so cool!!

Nancy said...

Yeah! Congratulations!!!

noelmignon said...

oh my gosh...that's so exciting! I have loved this show from the're going to have a blast. So do you have to get dressed up to go??

LuvJones said...

Cindy that is so cool! Have fun girl!