Saturday, September 8, 2007

cupcake scrapshop

I am in love with a fabulous kit club, Cupcake Scrapshop. This is a kit that I have been ogling for sometime now. It's one of those clubs where everytime the new month's kit debuts I look at it and it seems like it was put together just for me.

So, I bought one a la carte a few months ago and it is wonderful. I don't remember what month this is from, but here's a layout from the kit with a few of my own stash goodies (sorry, the title is kinda wonky from my picky scanner):

So recently I took what seemed the logical and inevitable next step, and put my name on the waiting list (sub list was full). I'm happy to say that as of this month, I'm a full-fledged cupcake member. Woo hoo!

(Just for Tina ~ cupcakes are here!)

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JenniferPriest said...

That cupcake pic made me hungry! Love the page with the Q&Co felt!!