Saturday, September 8, 2007

dollar daze

Yesterday was opening day at the fair. It took me over an hour to get in due to a crazy new traffic funneling system that was put in place. Had I only known, I could have come from a different direction (all roads lead to the fair!) and not been detoured in a slow snail-like line of cars. Ugh!

The good part is that you can get in for a buck on opening day. The size of the crowd really isn't too bad either, which surprises me. I was only there for a short while since I had to be back in time to run Mom's After School Taxi service -lol! Just enough time there tho to enjoy roasted corn on the cob (yum!) and do a quick browse thru the arts & crafts building.

As you might've guessed I entered some SB stuff. This year there were LOTS of great entries - and lots more than last year. It was cool to recognize so many names on entries. My mom entered for the first time ever (and took a red ribbon --wooo hooo! You go, Mom!) My sister also entered several items (more ribbons -congrats!) And there were lots of yummy entries from my fellow good time girls as well as some of our customers. All in all, a great showing of awesome SB art and isn't that great to see? Early SB displays at the fair were very limited and the pages (if I may say so) were very conservative. It's terrific to have a varied and substantial display of creativity. Sheesh, better step down off the ole soapbox now.

On a related note... there were lots of ribbons on all the entries noted above, but two especially delightful ribbons were the orangey-gold "best of show" ribbons that went to two particular good time girls: drum roll.... Susan Bugelli, an SGT DT member took the rosette for stamping art and... TOOT! I took one for SBing. Woo hoo!


simply susan said...

Cindy, thanks for mentioning my name on your blog. I must say I was quite excited to see the coveted rosette next to my entry. As I was excited to see your rosette next to your entry "Reunited." All in all there were so many totally inspiring entries this year! I can only imagine how difficult it was for the judges to decide which colored ribbons to award to each!

Cupcake Scrapper said...

WTG sister! You are a true "artist"

Pixie said...

Awesome! Congrats!!