Sunday, September 9, 2007

shop hopping

Are you hopping too? It's only the end of day #2 of the SoCal Shop Hop and I'm tired -lol! Think I'm catching something, tho so that's the real reason why I'm dragging.

I stopped by two of the local stores yesterday as a last minute afterthought. (My plan was to *not* hop on Saturday to get ahead on other stuff --so much for the plan!) Today my mom, daughter and I set out nice and early with an eight store goal in mind. We managed to visit seven of them. It felt like that show The Amazing Race. We were trying to decipher faulty online driving directions, comparing them with a map book (which was missing a few pages just to keep the tension high!) We got took a few wrong turns, lost our bearings, got turned around but in the end we managed just fine. My mom's a good co-pilot!

We kept running into ladies who were on the same "track" as we were -- in fact I "lifted" someone else's passport along the way (long story, but happy to report it is back in the right hands now). And now, I'm ready to do it all again tomorrow!

This Wednesday I'll be doing my monthly make-n-take at Scrappin' Good Times. I haven't scanned the project yet, but I hope to get a pic posted tomorrow. Hope I see you then!

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JenniferPriest said...

Hey Cindy!!! I am so glad we are going to get "lost" together tomorrow! LOL Sounds like you had a great time. A few ladies were on the same track as us yesterday and today too! I have been paranoid about losing that stupid passport--I'm gonna write my phone number on it now just to be safe. Cuz you might snatch it up if I'm looking ;)