Tuesday, July 9, 2013

project pinterest

I've been on Pinterest for some time now -- a year, maybe more. It's been such a great way to organize things I would've previously collected via bookmarks or images saved to my hard drive. Before Pinterest appeared in my life, my favorite tidbits were sprinkled about in various places and there was no single place to conveniently browse for inspiration or ideas.

I love that Pinterest pulls all these goodies into one convenient spot. It's like the best magazine I've every read - a catalog of favorites that's always growing and improving. (Because truth told, now I save even MORE things than I probably would've in the past -- does that make me a Pinterest hoarder? Hey, don't answer that.)

The continuing growth of my collection means that sometimes I have to split up interests by starting new boards and moving pins into a better defined category. It's a bit of a pain to do, but in the long run it makes browsing and finding things easier. I've just done this with my Personal Style board - splitting out some pins into new boards for Just Shoes & Bags & Belts, Hair, and Makeup & Cosmetics.

Now I'm about to tackle a big whomping pinterest re-do: food pins. Up until now, my collection of boards has not included any food pins or boards (other than a few pins in my Entertaining Ideas board). I'm not sure why I went this route, but instead of re-pinning food I chose to simply "like" those pins. So, now when I want to find recipes I have to go through SOoooooo many pins that it's just not practical any more. (I have over 3,000 likes to give you an idea of the monster I've created.)

So, divide and conquer is what's about to happen. It's a nasty job but someone's gotta do it and that someone is me.

Do you Pinterest? I'd love to check out your boards - just leave me a link in a comment.

Not familiar with Pinterest? You can learn more here.

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