Saturday, January 21, 2012

take twelve in 2012

Last weekend, I decided to do the "Take Twelve" photography/scrapbooking challenge at Ella Publishing. Have you heard about it? It encourages scrapbookers worldwide to take 12 photos featuring their everyday life on the 12th of every month, for 12 months, during the year 2012. Sounds pretty do-able to me.

In fact, it's actually a great challenge for me because it isn't overly ambitious given my available time. Plus knowing me (as I do), I don't think it's possible for me to find a way to attach a bunch of (self-imposed) guilt to this project. Like I said - do-able.

I know we're already past the 12th of January. In fact, I joined on the 15th - a few days late. However if you follow the link above they tell you ways to participate even if you're getting a late start. So, why don't you come out and play? There is a photo pool at Flickr which is fun to look through too.

Anyone else up for the Take Twelve project?

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