Monday, January 16, 2012

gotta lotta

Tomorrow is the first session of "Resolve to Get Organized" a scrapbook organization webinar by Tiffany Spaulding of The ScrapRack. I took the Fall and Winter sessions of the class and was able to get a wee bit done with regard to my organization (or should I say lack of). But this time I'm going all in.

Besides finding the time to go through stuff and the just making myself do it, my biggest challenge will be purging. I'm what Tiffany calls a "Gotta Lotta" (as you probably noticed during the rubons challenge post below). I really do like what I've bought/acquired and usually have some kind of plan for most of it. So letting go is not easy. But that is what is NEEDED and is way, way overdue.

A peek at what awaits me - class materials

I expect I'll need another pass or two through my stuff before it is lean and mean, but at this point any changes for the good will be a big improvement. Tomorrow I'll show you what my scrap space looks like and I'll try to be good about posting update pics throughout the process.

Until then!

PS I think you can still sign up for the seminar and you don't have to be a ScrapRack user to attend and benefit.


Connie said...

good luck on the class~hard for me to par down too!!

Kathryn said...

Hi Cindy! Do you know Julie Fei-Fan Balzer? Last week she did a series of organizational posts; first one is at