Thursday, September 1, 2011

opera party

Guest of Honor/Hostess

 Thought I'd share a few pics from my daughter's 8th grade promotion party a couple of weekends ago. She *hearts* Phantom of the Opera so way back when (before school was even done) she had decided she wanted a theme party. At first it was going to be a Phantom themed party, but in the end we went with a general opera them. 

As the girls arrived we were playing a variety of mostly well known opera music in the background. All the girls were encouraged to wear formals. After the guests were greeted, they received a "playbill" outlining the evening for them (we had lots of stuff for them to do --never a dull moment!)

The first thing they saw as they entered the foyer was this guy (who my daughter insists looks more Leonardio Di Caprio, than Gerard Butler).

The Phantom (inspiration, decoration & victim for "pin the mask on the phantom")

Souvenir Program
 After a few ice-breaking activities, the girls had dinner. A buffet style tea table ("with too many sweet things" I heard later).
Buffet table
A few of my friends (the moms of our guests) helped me with the finishing touches. I was thrilled that my friend Allison remembered fancy napkin folding from her younger days when she did a stint waitressing at a 5-star restaurant.

Dining table

Group pic

After dinner conversation

Celina checks to see what is coming up next
After good food and good friends, the girls slipped into comfy clothes and spent the rest of the night rocking "Dance Central" on the x-box.

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