Wednesday, August 17, 2011

tsk, tsk, tsk

Three months is a kind of a long time to be absent from my blog.

But happily it doesn't mean I've been absent from life. So much going on that I forget not only to blog about it, but sometimes I don't even turn on my computer. (Eeek!) That is not the girl I once was. But actually I'm kind of proud of being less of a... um, chair potato.

So, you must know that once I *did* get my summer garden planted (which I did since the last post), it starts to beg time from me. It needs watering, and some occasional pruning and then of course the best part is the harvesting. If the weather is very warm (and it has been lately), the garden is a regular/daily part of my morning routine. Plus the veggies aren't the only area that I'm "in charge" of, so summer does increase my yard duties for sure.

Here's a recent pic of the garden in it's crazy overgrown August state. My sunflowers just started blooming since I planted them sort of late in the spring.

The sunflowers are in the overcrowded zuchinni/cucumber bed and the whole crazy mess is blocking the view of the other beds. It's so different from last year's garden but wonderful in its own way. Loving have lots of cucumbers all the time. The basil and the rest of the herbs as well as the peppers are all doing great. The tomatoes aren't doing as well, sadly. The plants are gorgeous but they aren't producing near as many fruits as I had last year. Still, what we are getting is absolutely delicious!

In other summer happenings - my son's graduation party is now history. It was such a fun event that went by much too quickly. I wish I could have just slowed down time for that one day. Here are some of my favorite photos from the party.

We took most of the bulky furniture out of our living room (moved it to the garage) to create a nice big dance floor for the party. Before the party was even over it dawned on me how easy it would be to paint the room while the furniture was still out in the garage, so guess what my next project was? And it morphed into something a little bigger than just a paint job. While I was at it, I decide to re-do my scrap area. It's something I've been wanting to do and this just seemed like the perfect time to give the whole room an upgrade.

I can't wait to share photos of the area soon. It's still a work-in-progress because I've had to put it on hold several times while other important things took priority, but I'm SO close to finishing it that I can almost taste it. (Can you "taste" finishing a project?)

One thing helping me get back to the scrap area project is that I'm now in the throes of pulling of another party. This one is for my daughter to celebrate her promotion from middle school to high school. It's just three days away and there is lots to do. Not the least of which is clearing out the scrap area (yay!)

There will be lots of fun photos to take this weekend between the party and finishing the scrap area. I can't wait to share!


Toni said...

welcome back Cindy !!! love your sunflowers !

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