Monday, July 19, 2010

lazy days of summer

After lots of uncharacteristically cool summer days, our real summer finally hit town this past week -- with a vengeance. The weather reports on the nightly news warned of monsoon effect and hot, hot days but I'm not sure any amount of words could have prepared me for what was on our way. Muggy, muggy, muggy. And hot.

And as if the sudden blast of extreme heat with no buildup wasn't enough, we had an extreme power outage on Friday. Yeah, well the power grid can only take so much, I guess. This is the part that makes me scratch my head... we were doing our part to keep the utility usage low. Trying to get by w/o any a/c and using just a couple of electric fans. Come to find out that one of the neighbors had gone out of town and left the central air on for the dog. Well, in the end we all suffered like dogs. Power was out for eight hours. We finally escaped the miserable sauna usually known as our house at around 5pm (up until then I was held captive with a flat tire). When DH got home we hopped in the car and took off for places well-cooled.

When we got home after 10pm, power was still off (it ended up being off for about 8 hrs --came back on after 1am). We brushed teeth by candlelight, opened all the windows, threw all the covers off the beds, and tried to get some shut-eye.

Things are a little cooler today. We're in the high 90s and feeling comfortable.

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