Thursday, February 4, 2010

spotted at CHA

As I walked about the CHA floor, I noticed some recurring themes. I'm not sure if these qualify as actual "trends" but in any case these items popped up repeatedly in my field of vision.

Can we talk buttons?

Okay, maybe it's because I am seriously in love with buttons that I kept noticing these. I'm especially delighted by the ones with lots of detail in the form of cuts or layers or texture or dimension. You know what I mean... the kind that were in grandma's big old button collection. You know those *real* vintage buttons can be pretty pricey (guess I'm not the only one who loves them). So what's the next best thing? Why reproductions, of course! And what's better than repros done up to match SB paper lines? Brilliant!

Here are some of the ones you can start stalking at your local scrapbook store
(and don't forget to click on the pictures for an enlarged view - you don't want to miss the detail on these babies!)

From AC's Dear Lizzy Line:

From Cosmo Cricket:



From GCD Studios:



From Jenni Bowlin:



From Little Yellow Bicycle:
(yes, I realize these aren't *real* buttons, but they're just too darn cute to not include)

From Nikki Sivils:

stay tuned for more....


Lydia said...

Great shots, I noticed the same thing, but that is because I adore button too! I find it hard to do a project with out them.

Anonymous said...
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Christie said...

oooo...I love me some buttons!