Monday, November 9, 2009

day 5 - socal shophop '09

So...  on to the memories of Day 5 of ShopHop. For our little group this was Saturday, August 15th. We didn't have as many stores to get to as we'd had on other days (only 7), but we did have a lot of ground to cover geographically.

Our first stop was Pages From the Heart in Monrovia. There was a class in progress at this store (I think it was a Pinecone Press class being taught by Lorene Yost, but not sure -- in any case it looked like a fun one).


Next, we went to Karen's Hallmark in Alta Dena. Great photo opp with Mr. Elephant here.

A few goodies for the road...

From there, we headed out to points west, stopping at Once Upon a Page in Burbank, the deceptively small-looking store, but wow when you get inside it goes on and on. Evidently, this is the store where I had the brilliant idea to start picking up some animal print papers to scrap the ShopHop photos with.

Here's me:

Here's my stuff:

Then on to Sandpaper Kisses in Tujunga. The girl at the register had made herself a really cute safari hat* just for ShopHop. (*Pith helmut, is that they're called evidently. Learned that from my mom ... thanks, Mom!)

From there it was Treasured Memories in Oak Park, where we ran into Lead Fiskateer Cheryl Waters again. She is such a sweetie!

What I got:

By now we were starting to fall off our time schedule, tho and so we clambered back into the van and raced out to Stamping From the Heart in Los Angeles. We made it before closing and the owner was kind enough to keep the door open a bit past closing so we could finish up our shopping.

Mom was so done with this store:

Here are my goodies:


The last stop for the day was Sonja's Scrap Spot in Los Angeles, and it was a great spot to end the day.

Here's my "take":

All in all another great day of Shop Hopping adventure never mind that my safari tour abandoned me at the elevator! Good-bye, peeps, but don't forget who has the car keys -lol!

The elevator door closes as I snap a pic...

But they didn't get far since no one pushed any buttons. I could hear them laughing inside the elevator car until the door re-opened.

Mom is cracking up here. A funny end to a great day.

PS. Only one more Shop Hopping day to share after this.

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Christie said...

Wow! It looks like you're having tons of fun! And what a haul! I'm a little envious!