Tuesday, November 3, 2009

day 4 - socal shophop '09

*ETA: yes, this is *old* news. You can read this post for the whiney, excuse-making post, if you like.

Our 4th day on the Shop Hop started at Collective Journey in Redlands. They always have such cute displays!

What I got:

From there we headed a little south and a little west to Corona where we stopped at Scrapper's Cafe. Sadly, I recently heard that this is another sb store that is closing its doors.

Next, we went to Chino Hills destination "This N That Scrapbooking". Turns out that the "this-n-that" is because this is a multi-purpose store. Not only are there lots of SB supplies, there is also a dry cleaner on site along with a variety of other services.

Here are my findings:

Somewhere in the mess of Corona/Chino freeways we had a near accident when a young female driver in front of us decided to come to a full stop on the freeway (yes, you read that right). Evidently, she had missed her offramp, so she just came to a stop and waited for traffic to clear then swept two lanes to get to the offramp. Crazy!

Our last store for the day was Scraparazzi in Whittier. They were getting ready for move to a new (adjacent) location, so I'd like to go back sometime soon and check out their new digs.

What I left with:

After our ShopHopping, we had a nice relaxing lunch at Penn Park in Whittier. It's a gorgeous place.

End of Day 4, 22 stores down, 17 stores to go!

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