Saturday, February 7, 2009

my, oh maya road!

The Maya Road booth is always a favorite stop for me. They have the coolest samples and TONS of mini books. Their designers are always top notch. I did a make-n-take using their cool spray (paint?) I love the rich colors of the Maya Road sprays.

Here is some Maya eye candy

Some fun felt shapes..

12x12 masks...

And the masks as framed art - don't they look cool?

Chipboard shaped "key chain" albums

The new sprays (the samples on the let show you how nice and evenly these sprays go on)

I like these stick pins...

Cool little velvet flowers...


jennmom2000 said...

I loved the Maya Road booth too! You got great pics of everything. My pics are not near as nice.

stamprgrl said...

oh cindy,
your pictures are I think the best so far of the samples I have seen... you got really good pictures girl!!! thanks for sharing!

-- dalis

Jennifer Priest said...

Love the photos! I will always be a Glimmer Mist person I think.

You know, I can tell you a place to get those pins cheap! Way cheaper than MR is selling them for. They are from Oasis floral supply!!