Friday, May 9, 2008


Any Dancing With the Stars fans out there? This week Len complained that Jason & Edyta's tango was too "Argentine". I'm not sure how that is actually possible when the tango originates in Argentina. Ah well, I guess he means because it wasn't the traditional stiff ballroom sort of tango.

But there is nothing I love more than a moving, tortured, beautiful Argentine tango. The 1998 movie "Tango" is tango eye candy if you are a fan of this dance.
Cecilia Narova, who stars as the ex-wife of the lead character is incredible.

Here's a clip (Cecilia is the one dressed all in gray with the short hair). Gosh I just love to watch this woman move.

And another clip from the movie. This one is not a traditional tango, but still love watching her dance:

And lastly, a genuine authentic style tango with a seasoned old gentleman "at the helm":


LuvJones said...

Unfortunately I have not had a chance to follow through as close as I usually do darn it. But looks like a good season!

Nancy Hood said...

really interesting; I've never even paid attention to the Tango, but have heard of it often enough that I should have paid attention :)