Thursday, May 22, 2008

howzabout a nice hawaiian punch?

Sure could have used one this past weekend. It was outrageously hot here in SoCal. High 90's (or maybe more?) What a weekend to have a yard sale, but that's what we did. It was the usual trio - my mom, my sister and I- braving the unusual May heat to unload our discards.

We like to start our sales on Friday when there isn't so much competition - and it was a good decision again. We had lots of shoppers even without putting any signs up. That's thanks to the power of the Pennysaver, Recycler and Craig's List ads. In fact, we had some mob action at one point. Cath had arrived a little late due to some car trouble and as she pulled up to unload her vehicle, the people all swarmed to her truck, trying to make sure they had first dibs on any new 'good stuff'. Mom said it looked like she was selling tamales out of the back of her truck -lol!

Saturday was possibly hotter than Friday and I found myself leaving my post at the sale early so I could go to Scrappin' Good Times and teach a class. It was the last installment of the "Where's the Party" class designed by Kristin Hayne and me. What a great day to be in the air conditioned store. :-) It was also nice to give my wrist a rest. I had pulled something in the inside of my wrist on Thursday night while I was moving things around for the yard sale. Ouch!

Anyways, after all the hubbub and heat of the weekend, I'm ready for a nice Hawaiian punch. Doesn't this recipe sound good:

Bacardi Hawaiian Punch

1/2 oz Bacardi Limon rum
1/2 oz Bacardi Razz rum
1/2 oz Bacardi Orange rum
1/2 oz Bacardi Vanil rum
3 oz cranberry juice
3 oz pineapple juice

Pour the Bacardi flavored rums into a cocktail shaker half filled with ice cubes. Add the cranberry juice and pinceapple juice and shake well. Strain into a hurricance glass filled with ice cubes and serve.

That recipe was one of the Mixed Drink recipes in one of our "Where's the Party" class add-ons. Here's a look at the add on, "Happy Hour Starts Now". You can pick up your own copy of this book in my Etsy Shop:

And while I'm on the theme, here's a layout I did last month of my brother John doing bartender duty during one of our family dinners last November. Oh my goodness, he made us the most delicious icy, foamy raspberry drinks made with fresh berries. Yum! I need to get that recipe.


Camille said...

The drink album is so cute! I hope it does well. Sounds like the garage sale was a success!

Lu said...

found your blog by way of facebook. excellent projects.