Sunday, May 4, 2008

plumb tired

New Quickutz "Fiesta" set. I love the packaging --it totally coordinates with our "Party" class!

Today was the first of two "Where's the Party?" classes. It went great! I have to say that we have some truly wonderful ladies that come to classes at Scrappin' Good Times. They make it a pleasure and a joy to teach there. A big thanks to everyone who came today!

There is still room in the May 17th class session

This class was also the first time I've partnered with my good friend Kristin Hayne to teach a class. She was AWESOME! Not only is she a wonderful designer, but an excellent teacher and great motivator too. She's so organized and efficient --she made sure we got our class sample done in plenty of time for last month's kick-off and also was super about keeping us on our toes about getting the class kits ready. Love that girl!

Did you notice my subject line? Well, somehow I scheduled my April and May classes closer together than I usually do, and it's been quite a challenging few weeks. Last week was "Intro to Scrapbooking" (another great class --lots of *new* faces whenever I do the Intro sessions), and in about two weeks is the second "Party" class. Whew --that's a whole lotta class kits! I've been driving my poor little "Cricut" so hard that I think I may have done him in. The poor little machine was starting to smell a bit while it was cutting and then it got so tired that it would only cut through the first image on a page. For the rest of the images, it would act like it was cutting, but it was only pretending.

Fortunately, when the machine started acting up I had finished most of my cutting. Somehow I managed to get enough of that last piece cut for today's class (talk a sigh of relief).

So, the point of all this... me and my baby bug are tired!


Pixie said...

Bummer, I can't make it the 17th. I want to come to one of your classes soon though!

The Scrappies miss you. ;)

Jennifer Priest said...

I love that book!! That pinata is so cute and perfect with it too--you both did an awesome job!