Sunday, March 9, 2008

my head is spinning

I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning. And I can't say it's from a swarm of creativity (tho I have been full of ideas lately). No, this dizziness is from chronic vertigo that comes and goes usually without any warning. Usually, it creeps up while I'm sleeping. This is what happened in the early hours of Saturday morning. I was rudely wrenched from sleep by the feeling that the bed was flipping and flopping, and once that stopped came the gut wrenching nausea. Ugh!

I've seen a specialist to try to figure out why this happens. The dr. thought I might be in the early stages of Meniere's Disease. This diagnosis was a few years back though. I guess I need to go in for another checkup.

At least after years of having this, it isn't as completelly debilitating as it once was. I've learned which angles not to tilt my head at to avoid getting dizzy (while I'm standing --laying down is another story). Also, I've become accustomed to not feeling completely stable, so I've learned to move slower and more deliberately and am generally less fearful of the unsteadiness.

It's especially annoying, though, when the vertigo pops up at inconvenient times. For example, this weekend I'm teaching a class. I had slated yesterday for making my class add-ons, but was really down and out and could only make a sample. Ah well, such is life. Thankfully the class isn't as large this weekend as it was last weekend, so I will have less walking and moving about.

Just call me a dizzy dame!

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Donna-chelle said...

Hey dizzy girl. A friend of mine used a slanted pillow to help her sleep at night while dealing with the same type of symptoms. She spent many hours unable to function in between numerous visits to different specialists. Both my parents have experienced the strange vertigo issues too, so this all too familiar to me! Makes me wonder why so many of us that live here are having these problems?!?!?! Hang in there!!!