Monday, March 10, 2008

more from CHA

At long last --some more CHA pics! This group is from the Melissa Frances booth. I just love the yummy projects and ideas that they had on display.
These little frames and ornaments are so cute, though I'm usually at a loss as to how to use them in a project.

Here are some of the ways they were used on projects in the booth. Aren't these gorgeous?

And here are some other things from their booth:

Stay tuned for more CHA pics in the days to come!


Jennifer Priest said...

Wow--I totally missed this whole booth!! It looks awesome!! TFS!

LuvJones said...

Cute stuff! TFS!

Shelley said...

Love Melissa Frances stuff, it's always so soft and romantic. I can't wait to see them at my LSS.

Decorative Memories said...

Thanks for sharing the great pics!! You must have had inspiration overload after this!!! LOL!