Saturday, December 8, 2007

what's up

Wow, it's been so hard to find time to sit a the computer these last few weeks. We're still knee deep in projects on the homefront (golly, sure hope we're done soon!) Making progress, just not going as quickly as I'd like.

Then this past week was spent finishing up class samples and other preparations for the bi-monthly class kickoff at Scrappin' Good Times. In addition to finishing up my class samples and the related miscellany, I also do the computer work for the store's printed calendar. Plus along with this week's kickoff, we had an open house so there were goodies to prepare and transport. It all came together in the end, but made for a busy week!

Here is a pic of my 1/5 class, "She's One Hot Mama" --a pregnancy journal. This class is almost sold out! As of this afternoon there are two spots left.

I'll also be teaching "Introduction to Scrapbooking" at the end of the month (1/27). It's a great class for anyone who is just starting out (or thinking of getting started).

Can't wait for classes to start again!


Judi said...

I love you Blogspot. I just started on of my own. I love your album. I wish I knew someone that was Pregant.

Tracy said...

I love the One hot Mama album. I wish you taught in San Diego. Love your work...