Thursday, November 29, 2007

water, water EVERYWHERE!

I am just now pulling my head up for a moment in the midst of craziness. We've been going, going, going and I hardly know which end is up these days. My brother and nephew were here for a visit last week. They live on the east coast so we don't see them often enough. Spending time together was more important than say doing laundry and keeping the kitchen tidy. So after they left on Saturday, it was time to tackle the messy homefront.

After getting the laundry machines going and starting a load of dishes, I left the house for a quick shopping trip with my daughter. In my absence there was a NEAR DISASTER in my scrap area. My dh decided to run the backyard sprinkler while we were out. He didn't check the settings on the automatic sprinkler head, just turned on the water. The other fatal mistake was that he left open the sliding glass doors that separate the yard from my scrap area. Without a backward glance, dear hubby went to the front yard to wash his car.

Well, I think you can guess what happened... yup that's right, the living room got thoroughly sprinkled. In particular, the sprinkler rotated straight into my scrap area for 20 to 30 minutes unattended. (Wasn't there a commercial not too long ago where something like this happened?)

DH called me with panic in his voice asking me to come home immediately and wouldn't tell me why. Sigh. All I can say is thank goodness for my obsession with zip loc bags. I'm still not completely done putting everything back as it should be, but almost there. I lost one photo and some of my storage boxes and other cardboard-y things are now stained and warped. I also had to pull lots of stuff out of packaging and set them out to dry, but thankfully didn't really lose anything much. It did take a long time to hand dry all the critical stuff like my squeeze and cropadile and my rolling tote which has a canvas cover and all the pockets had water in them. Sure took a huge chunk of my time over this weekend and into mid week, but like I said other than that no complaints because I didn't lose anything to speak of.

Gotta love those zipper baggies!


Jennifer Priest said...

I cannot believe this happened to you! Glad most of your goodies made it out okay.

Kristi said...

My husband would have been dead meat because I don't have most of my things in baggies. Everything is actually all of the whole place because of reorganization. Lucky you!

Cindy Nevins said...

Oh MAN!!! I am so sorry you had to go through that, but what a positive thing that you had so much stuff water-safed!! I think you deserve an extra gift certificate for Xmas for the replacement value of the stuff you lost, plus some, for.. well, you know... water drying labor and... stress! Y'know.. Trauma, all that, hehe :)