Wednesday, November 14, 2007

so just what have I actually been up to you may wonder

Well, I'm not exactly sure. All I know is I've been too busy for my computer. Hmmm... let's see if I can do a not too long sum up. If you haven't the patience for a long read, just skip this post!

First there was some mouth trouble. It started the weekend before we went to see Dancing with the Stars. I wasn't sure if it was sinus junk with all the winds and fire, but in the end it looks like I can count on another date with the dentist. Can you say "root canal"? Needless to say there was lots of pain and down time in late October. When I finally got some relief, I went into scramble mode to make up for all the lost time.

And what, you may wonder, was I scrambling with? Well, lots of little things but somehow they all come back to a big project we've undertaken at home to move bedrooms around and reorganize. I feel like my house is much like a giant Rubik's cube at the moment. I have to move and switch things in one room to be able to move over things from another room and then shift, shuffle and cull stuff again to make another move. There ain't no algorithms for a quickie fix with *my* Rubik's cube unfortunately.

As part of the Big Project, we decided to have a big blowout yard sale last weekend. I had also committed to taking part in a scrapbook yardsale at one of my local SB stores. So I was a crazy, cleaning, sorting, pricing machine for the last couple of weeks. And let me say it was totally worth the effort. Not only did I move out 2/3 of the items I sent to the SB yard sale, I also earned myself a tidy little store credit in the process. My home yard sale was also a smashing success mainly in the fact that so much stuff is gone. Honestly, I would have paid these people who took the big things and eased my life. But it was nice to put a little cash in my wallet for the effort.

In the midst of the Great Cleanup of 2007, I also had my monthly make-n-take at the store last week. I was so distracted with all my homefront projects that I neglected sending my reminder email, but bless all my regulars for showing up anyway! I had a great turnout and we had a fun day (plus it was *AWFUL* nice to get away from home, let me just say!)

This past Monday was a holiday with the kids out of school, so we planned a long crop day. My friends and I completed a gift album for a baby shower we're all going to this weekend. It's a pre-made album of the shower. We'll be printing the pics on the sly at the shower and popping them into the album and giving the album to the mother-to-be that day.

I had just a few other little things to take care of that are now mostly under control. My eBay sellers group had selected me for a Member Profile at the blog this week as well as having a blurb for a Featured Listing. In addition, the group had a challenge which I had decided to join, so I had to get my act together on these items. You can read all about it at the Pocket Full of Papers blog.

Hmmm... that's just about it for mi vida loca the last few weeks. However, the craziness isn't quite over yet. My brother and nephew are arriving Saturday from the east coast for a week long visit. I'm hosting a family brunch on Sunday and then the rest of the week is just plain busy. In addition to the family visit, we are trying to finish the bedroom move this coming week. Not sure how we will get it all done. I have visions of our project leaking into December, but oh well. If it must, it must.

Okay, there you have it. More than you ever wanted to know about me. Gosh and on top of the seven weird facts it's really kind of overload isn't it.

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