Thursday, July 19, 2007

rediscovering books

We finally got over to the library. It's the first trip of the summer and it's been a very long time since we've been there at all. We found some great books which will be perfect for our camping trip. They'll also be handy here at home for when all the tv/computer time is used up and the boredom settles in. Funny how that doesn't happen too much when summer vacation first gets going, but now that we are mid-stream there is a certain restlessness starting to emerge.

Besides the stack of novels, we also checked out some non-fiction books. Jake found a good one about birds and I found some on paper crafting that I hope will be fun for all of us. Jake is an origami master and even tho these projects aren't strictly about paper folding, they seem right up his alley. I also found an interesting book on book binding which I'm eager to look at.

There won't be much time for any of the books in the coming week tho. We have a family bbq coming up in honor of Jake's middle school promotion and then we leave for our camping trip a couple of days later. So, busy busy busy we will once again be.

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