Thursday, February 2, 2012

sometimes life just gets crazy

No matter how much effort you put into home management or how well you plan things, there are always glitches. Expect the unexpected is really how it usually goes.

I mention this because for some time now we've been working on getting some energy upgrades done on our home. Nothing major - mostly insulation. Because I was planning to be gone at CHA and never know how my husband's days will go, I made sure to schedule the work to start the day after my return.

Wouldn't you know the crew showed up while I was still at CHA. Since it wasn't a one day job, instead of sleeping in today I found myself letting a (very nice) team of young men in to start another day of banging and drilling.

My son says it looks like we had a Mafia hit

The shift in days was just a little blip of a change really, no big deal really. And thankfully David was home yesterday to handle it all in my absence. No biggie.

Until something unexpected was discovered.
Sometimes I don't really like surprises.

What they found was a plumbing leak in the sewage line complete with standing water in the crawl space under the kitchen.  Ick - that explains the weird odor we've noticed in the kitchen. So instead of the work ending today,  it just got extended by a few days. First water damage restoration team extraordinaire, ServPro of West Covina, has to come in and take care of the water issue (gotta give them a little plug since the franchise is owned by friends and my son got his first job there). Next, we'll have a plumber in to fix this big leak along with a second smaller one that was also found today.

It's throwing a bit of a monkey wrench (<---------so punny!) into the works. But despite that, I'm very happy to be home.

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