Friday, January 13, 2012

pink mat love

I love my big pink Tattered Angels mat!

So I finally broke down and got myself the huge pink Tattered Angels work mat. It is something I've wanted for the longest time because as much as I loved and used my Ranger mat sometimes it just didn't cover enough of my desk. And now that I have a nice, new desk (table) from IKEA I'd like to do my best to keep it protected.

The big surprise has been that it has other bonuses besides its larger size. One is that it's such a light shade that I tend to lose less of the little stuff on it. Everything just shows up so well because of the contrast against that light pink color. The other plus is that the pink makes me feel cheerful. Not a necessary quality in a work mat, of course, but one that I'll appreciate anyway.

The thing that made me finally 'pony up' and get one is that they seem to be getting harder to find (or is that just my perception?) Anyway, that helped give me a kick in the seat of the pants and just buy one. And I'm so happy I did.

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Connie said...

I have the ranger one also~hubby put it on a board for me and i love it that way~I move it around to different work spaces and it is easy to clean because it doesn't move around now.