Monday, January 17, 2011

super productive day

Some of the buttons from today's discovery
I got so much done today ... now, why can't every day be so fruitful?

First I did my 30 minute walk. I've been trying for daily on this but haven't managed more than three successive days. Gonna keep at it though. It's gotten easier, that's for sure. I'm walking faster and working my legs more so there's a plus. Next my morning bible reading, which I'm doing better at consistency-wise. I think I've missed two days this month (but made up the reading so that I stay on schedule). So, yay me.

From there it was on to garage/patio cleanup & organization. Just made a wee dent in all that there is to do, but any start is a good one. I was able to find a clothes rack in the garage that I'd promised to loan to my mom and in the process get some of the storage boxes labelled and tidied. The patio had created its own little project for me - a box had tipped over (the cat may have had a paw in this!) The contents had spilled out blocking the path to my scrapbook storage area, so it had to be dealt with.

On the plus side here, I found a treasure trove of buttons to put into my stash. They were those extra buttons that come with new clothes and I'd saved them for 30 years or so. I used to keep them in my old dresser but I guess when I got the new one, they got packed up and forgotten. Still not sure how they ended up in the particular box they were found in, but oh well.

With access to my storage restored, I went about putting away supplies from the Just Us Girls event last month. They've been hanging around my living room for a few weeks too many since I've been super busy with creating for the upcoming issue of Ready, Set, Create magazine. The new issue will hit the streets in less than two weeks (yahoo!)

I also had some new goodies to put into inventory as a result of some recent shopping binges (insert red-faced, eyes downcast smiley here). Actually, truth told I'm not really embarrassed or regretful of my purchases because I was able to snag some awesome deals on unique items that will make great additions to future classes. Yay!

In the late afternoon, I tackled some unruly plants that needed to be tamed. I trimmed an old lantana that has been left unattended for far too long and has gotten very leggy and woody. I didn't have the energy to prune it into complete submission, but it does look better than when it started. I also took the Mexican sage down with a good, serious sheer leaving only a handful of very tender new growth. I also have a perennial salvia that was looking very tired, so took that down to the ground and noticed that it is already sending up some new growth. These are all beautiful plants and I can't wait for them to come back around.

Now, I'm all about preparing my PaperCraft Princess retail sales tax return so I can focus on getting ready for CHA!  It will all come together... it always does.

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