Tuesday, January 20, 2009

queen for a day

Remember that old show? Well, actually neither do I. But I do remember hearing about it anyway -lol!

The queen for today is none other than Queen & Co! I have been having so much fun blog hopping and seeing what is being released at CHA this weekend. I found my way to the Queen & Co. blog today and as always just love everything! I'm only the teeniest bit jealous of my friend Kristin who gets to play with their stuff all the time.

I was also impressed to read that Queen & Co. is downscaling their packaging in favor of more earth-friendly approach (can you say bulk embellishments?) With the theme for this year's CHA show being "It’s Easy Being Green: Discover the Possibilities" I imagine there will be similar changes from other manufacturers as well.

Check out the Queen & Company blog here.

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