Friday, December 5, 2008

didja miss me?

Well, I hope you did miss me because I sure have missed popping in here and rambling about stuff! It's hard to believe it's been a month since my last post --that's a new record of inactivity for me (sad face). And what exactly, have I been up to? Well, mostly I have not been up to anything other than dealing with an especially icky bout of vertigo. Thankfully, it's nearly gone now though for about 3 weeks I was pretty much housebound. I wasn't able to drive for a couple of those weeks. Talk about being stir crazy!

About the only thing I did work on was scrappy stuff. For some reason, that was a nice calm thing I could do that kept my head steady (the more still I am, the less dizzy I feel). Plus it distracted me enough that I could forget the nausea and spacey feeling of vertigo. For some reason, I can't say that about computer work. I'm not sure if it's the angle of my monitor or what, but when the vertigo is bad enough working on computer is very difficult.

In any case, I had a very productive three weeks. I finished a new paper bag album to list on eBay. I completed all my class samples for January & February WAAaaaaay early (for me). I also put together several projects for some home workshops I'm doing for some friends later this month. So, at least there is something good that came out of the down time.

Here are some peeks...

First my January class "A Very Stylish Girl". This is a 12" x 6" wire bound chipboard album. My inspiration for this project was Audrey Hepburn and the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

My other classes are a "double-feature". In February, I'll be teaching back-to-back layout classes which I'm calling "Fast & Fabulous in 40 Minutes". Both classes are 2 hours and in the course of each class we'll complete three double page 12 x 12 layouts. (So a total of six double pagers if you attend both classes). I know that lots of scrappers are re-focused on getting their albums done, so I'm hoping this will really be helpful in doing that. Here are a couple of pics from some of the layouts:

If you're a local, you can check out these samples up close and personal at the Scrappin' Good Times Class Kickoff tonight. The event begins at 5pm - hope I see you there!


Jennifer Priest said...

Cute Projects Cindy!! So sorry to hear about your vertigo but I am glad you are finally feeling better.

Jojo said...

glad you are getting better, seems like you have been really busy. but a good busy.