Saturday, October 18, 2008

coming up for breath (maybe)

Someone throw me a lifesaver (and not the candy kind!)

Okay, so the pic is a little extreme. And really things are getting better around here, but boy oh BOY have I been outrageously busy (yes, even more than normal). We had our house tented for termite extermination last week and it was quite a chore to get ready for that. Had to get every speck of ingestible stuff out of the house. Had to find temporary homes for the pets. Had to pack for a weekend away. Had to leave the house in nice condition for arrival of my mother-in-law and a dinner party last weekend. Whew! It seemed like it might not all get done, but somehow everything came together.

My sweet MIL was with us thru Wednesday and it was such a joy to visit with her. She had already been away from home (with DH's brother's family) the prior week, so was a bit travel worn, but tired or not, she is such a delightful person to spend time with. I asked DH how he turned out so ornery when his momma is so very sweet. (She claims it is all the MAD magazines he and his brothers used to read -lol!)

The last part of the week has been a catch-up week and managed to squeeze in a quickie 8"x8" gift album for one of my friends to give to some of our other friends for their 20th anniversary. Today, we did a re-do of our yardsale (got rained out for the last one and the city allows a 'freebie' re-do). It was hardly worth the time we took to set it all up. Not sure where all the people were, but they weren't at our sale.

I'm bone tired and have a class tomorrow, so I'm off to bed soon (early) to snatch some extra ZZzzzzzz's.


Trisha said...

Dang girl you have had a full plate! Miss ya, hope everything else is going well with you!

Zoe said...

WOW very busy lady! glad your well apart from all that :-)

Anonymous said...