Tuesday, August 19, 2008

hi there!

Greetings from Vegas, NV!

We've been catching up on our zzzzzz's, relaxing, lounging and being generally LAZY here for our first day. Went to the pool for a bit yesterday, but we seriously need LOTS more quality water time before this vacation will be in full swing.

Last night I got my scrap on and made 12 cards from my card-making box (see this blog entry for more on that). The one at the top of this post was my fave, but here are some more:


Trisha said...

Cute cards! I think I bought a kit similar to the one you have at an expo. Very cute! I can't believe you are getting your scrap on, on vacation!? LOL! Go girl!

Pearl Maple said...

Lovely cards, have just registered with the yahoo group and getting out to see what everyone is posting.

Lots of fun things going on in your blog space.