Thursday, June 12, 2008

end of an era

When my son moved on from elementary school to middle school I made him a little paper bag album titled "End of an Era". It definitely was an end for us and a new beginning as well as he moved on to the challenges of junior high.

Now he is in high school and my daughter has just finished elementary school. And now it *truly* feels like the end of an era as we say goodbye completely to good old Workman El. I can't believe we will not be there any more. I think I was more sentimental about the departure than Libby was. We said goodbye to most of the teachers that both kids have had. They were good to us. We can't think of them merely as former teachers but instead we think of them as good friends that we will miss very much. Sniff.

An uncooperative moment with my model daughter, one of her friends and her teacher

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LuvJones said... era is just beginning!!!