Tuesday, October 16, 2007

not really.

Did you really think I've been partying like it's 1999? (or maybe I should've said partying like it's 1099 -lol!) The truth is that even though I was supremely happy to finish up all that nasty tax paperwork and get the darn thing filed, I have actually been laying pretty low for the last half week or so.

The family --including me-- has been under the weather (again). So it was a quiet weekend at home and I put the time to use making a few mini albums to list on eBay. You can read more about it at my other blog.

I've also been quietly plugging away at reorganizing my scrap space. Working on ways to store my tools and supplies a bit more stylishly so that they can co-exist with my living room more harmoniously. I haven't taken pics yet since it is a work in progress, but suffice to say that I have two new cabinets that are already making me very happy. One houses my Cuttlebug die cutting machine and dies along with other things. The other one stores my mini sewing machine and stuff.

Today my very mechanical DS put together a wrought iron basket rack from Costco that I'm really loving. I think it's meant for kitchen use. The box shows it holding veggies and stuff. I'm not completely sure what all will go in mine yet. So far I've added my scrap bins. Mine looks something like the 3 tier tower in this pic except instead of the wicker, mine is iron:

Speaking of organized scrap areas, check this out: the Scrapbooker's Habitat (crikey!)

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