Wednesday, September 19, 2007

shop hopping, day 4

Day 4 was an easy one. I had to get back super early to pick up DD, so was only able to squeeze in two quick stops with Jennifer.

First, we hit Screaming Susie's. I'd been there already but Jenn still needed her passport stamped there. Wouldn't you know I found a few more cute things (I really should've put some blinders on for this second visit!)

Next, we scurried over to Scrappin' in the Hills in Anaheim Hills. For some reason this store reminded me a bit of Flashback's. Lots of product in here --hard to absorb it all. I walked away with some more Hambly, a few more HS masks and some MM epoxy buttons:

That was all for Tuesday. Short and sweet.


LuvJones said...

Hey Cindy! So what do you plan on doing with your Hambly stuff? I got alot of it myself! aren;t you glad it is over!?

JenniferPriest said...

Hey Cindy!! I thought I got some Pink Hambly there too but I cant find it--must be in the "box"! LOL I am so glad this thing is over too--it was like boot camp for scrappers!

Nancy said...

FUN! Looks like you hit the jackpot again!