Sunday, September 16, 2007

pink martini

Every summer we try to get to the Hollywood Bowl at least once for a concert. Last year we went for a Latin Grammy ensemble night and it was awesome. I didn't know most of the groups, but my DH did and he invited some friends who were big fans of most of the groups. The best part of the night (for us, anyway but probably not for the performers and producers) was that the show was seriously undersold. So, because the bowl was so empty, the ushers had us move in closer to enjoy the concert. We were able to sit in a box seat (a real treat since we usually are in or near the nosebleed section!) To give you an idea of the difference in seating after we moved, here are before and after pics:

View from our original seats:

View from our box:Mexican Institute of Sound performing

Anyway, I'm very sad to say we did *NOT* make it to the bowl this year. We had two concerts we really were hoping to get to. DH had one that he really wanted us to go to in July but it was too close on the heels of a vacation. And *both* of us were eager for Pink Martini, who performed last night. We saw them a couple of years ago and they were wonderful. But we just couldn't pull it off.

So, here's a Pink Martini to drown my sorrows in. This is actually a dub of their performance of "Amado Mio" onto a clip from an old Rita Hayworth movie (Gilda, I believe)...

Until next summer season at the Bowl!


Cupcake Scrapper said...

I love the things you find to post! U SO FUNNY

JenniferPriest said...

Sounds very fun!!!! Too bad you missed it this year. Xaver and I go to Coachella for the music festival every spring but because of Matt being born, we were unable to go this year as well. 2007, the year of missed traditions! LOL

Thanks for your comments on my Fair entries--it means alot coming from you!! Love that you won best of show. It was really fun and I can't wait until next year!!