Monday, September 17, 2007

me right now

*Trying to find the groove of my new fall schedule. Kids are in school (DS started freshman year of high school, DD is in 5th and last grade at elementary), but the first couple of weeks have been wacky with student holidays, minimum days and other wonky stuff. It's been a struggle to get anything consistent going as far as a routine. (I don't think the ShopHop contributed to me finding my fall groove either -lol!)

*Getting ready for company in a week (family staying for a few days). This is giving me a good incentive to work on fall cleaning (stuff like washing curtains, cleaning the oven, etc.)

*Trying to squeeze a visit to the fair. I popped in and out on opening day without the kiddoes, so planning to get back there WITH them this weekend.

*Finishing up kits for an Intro to SB class on 9/30, as well as designing a couple of mk-n-tk projects for October, and a class sample that's due at the end of the month.

*Finishing up my 2006 taxes by the extension deadline in mid October.

*Working on thinning out my stash of SB stuff. I have literally run out of storage space. I actually had to put the things I bought at ShopHop into an ArtBin until I can make some room to put this new stuff away. Sheesh!

*Getting ready for a yard sale early in October to move out stuff from all the purging I'll be doing with fall cleaning and SB stash cleaning.

*After company, taxes and the yard sale I will be scrambling to re-finish a large sideboard that I've put off doing for a couple of years now. It is part of my plan to reorganize my SB area so really needs to be a priority.

That is me for about the next month before I address and tackle the next round of 'to do'. How is your fall going so far?

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Cupcake Scrapper said...

We all seem to be in the catch up mood right now. I'm planning on going to the Fair next week on Wednesday (early) if you want to go?