Saturday, September 15, 2007

and then there was one

Make-n-Take at The Crop Circle, Los Angeles

Whew! I have visited 28 scrapbook stores in 6 days, and logged HUNDREDS of miles in the process. Just one last stop tomorrow in Victorville and then popping into my home store to deliver the goods. It's been quite an adventure and I'm going to post pictures and details this coming week.

Before the ShopHop came along, I'd toyed with the idea of taking a day to flit from store to store. This event gave me a good incentive to finally DO it. It's been difficult, exciting and fun to run all over the greater SoCal area and see so many different stores.

I had stashed some cash from my last class just for ShopHop. Since there were so many stores involved, I was trying to keep it to a certain dollar amount per stop. Even with that small amount after you multiply it by 29 stores, it was gonna add up. There were some stores where it was super easy to keep within budget, but in others not so much. I didn't go absolute shopping crazy, but there were some... ahem, weak moments. But in the end I'm super happy with everything I picked up and I'll tell you why. It's just not possible for scrapbook, stamping or craft stores to carry every product from every line made by every manufacturer. So in the course of the journey I was able to find some cool stuff that I hadn't seen locally, and there were some lines that were only to be found at a few stores.

Stay tuned for photos and more blabber about the Hop...

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