Thursday, August 16, 2007

san diego, here i come

Paint Can mk-n-tk from Costa Mesa SB Expo (designed by Joy Campbell, SGT)

Tomorrow is the day. I'll be up at an unearthly hour (not a morning person here) so that we are on the road bright and early with a goal of reaching San Diego by 9am. I worked the last two local Expos (Costa Mesa and Ontario). Maybe you remember my smiley face from the Scrappin' Good Times mk-n-tk table? Anyways, this time I'm just kicking around footloose and fancy free. If you're at Expo and you see me, please stop me and say hello!

It's been a real challenge to pack for this trip. Not the clothes - but what to bring for cropping, since we're planning to crop Fri night and all day Sat. I'm used to long crops at stores or at home, but we'll be in our suite and no access to anything but what we bring with.

Should be interesting!

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