Tuesday, August 28, 2007

reflections of summer '07

Just some of the pics I've taken this summer. I never did manage the "photo-a-day" thing, but I did remember to pull the camera out more often than not...

A SGT thank you album

The three Amigas

End of eighth

A bopping centerpiece

Pastel primas

A cookie fit for a princess

Art Appreciation

Mr. MammaJamma

Grad Boy

Alex n Libs


Maddie n Me

Hope ya'all have had a super summer too!


JenniferPriest said...

How fun! Wouldn't those pics make a great mini book. I love it!

Pixie said...

Yay! You've got a blog! Now I'm gonna pester you all the time! I love that Chicka-chicka boom boom palm tree (that book was one of our favorites as kids).