Sunday, August 26, 2007

new pages

I spent Saturday afternoon cropping and was able to finish three new layouts. It's funny but before last weekend's crop it had been SOoooo long since I had scrapped that I was starting to wonder if I'd forgotten how. Between last weekend and yesterday, I've done more pages than I'd done all year.

Thought I'd share yesterday's layouts. This first one "The Newest Nephew" is my favorite of the bunch. I was finally able to use my new QK Sophisticate font for the first time. Isn't it a great font?

"The Best Teachers" layout is of my daughter and her kindergarten teacher. When we go to open house we like to visit all the kids prior year teachers. So this pic is a recent one. We love Miss Ortega --she's awesome!

For some reason the last one is just scanning yucky. My scanner doesn't like really light colors and the background on "Silly Girls" is a very light lime green. I messed around with it in PSE trying to fix it, but what you see here was the best I could do. (You might notice these are all heavy on Fancy Pants products. There's a reason for that - I did them for a manufacturer challenge.)


Scrapdog1-- said...

Cindy, I love your new pages. They are gorgeous. Such talent. Thanks for all your posts on my blog. You are so good at looking at it regularly. Check it out to get the details of my surprise. Take care.

Scrapdog1-- said...

P.S. I completed my I've Got Rhythm and Mad About the Mouse projects this weekend and love them. Thanks for both of these.

JenniferPriest said...

Awesome pages Cindy!!! Love the way you did them all.

Shawn said...

these are just beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing! GL on the call (not that you need it ;))

Peggy Severins said...

These are some gorgeous layouts Cindy and good luck with the FP challenge.