Monday, July 2, 2007

cutting, cutting, cutting

Seems like that's all I've been doing for the past 24 hours. First it was cutting cookies last night. I'd bought stuff to make cute girly sugar cookies for my "A Night to Remember" class a couple of weeks ago at SGT, but ran out of time to do the baking. The ingredients have been sitting on the kitchen counter ever since "accusing" me whenever I walk by. I decided to cook 'em up last night. It worked out great because the kiddoes were spending today with their cousins, so I knew they'd love decorating cookies. I also made an extra batch for some special friends (more on this later!) That made for a WHOLE LOTTA cookies to cut.

(Crown decorated by Libs.)

Today's cutting was of the die cutting nature. Since my Dance Recital classes are less than two weeks away and I'm going on vacation next week, I needed to make a very large dent in kit preparation so that I really can relax and recreate while we're gone! I'm almost there, just another hour or so of die cutting and I can move on to mats and stuff.

Cutting, cutting, cutting...


april said...

good luck with all that cutting! cookie looks yummy!

Hillary Heidelberg said...

ooh the cookies look great!!!!!!!