Wednesday, July 4, 2007

countdown to vegas

(2005 trip to Vegas - front of Monte Carlo hotel)

Eeeek! We leave in less than four days!

I'm not sure how this trip snuck up so fast, but all of a sudden I'm feeling very short on time. Took the kids for some new summer clothes yesterday. We just need to exchange one bathing suit and we're ready on that score. But, I have an endless list of little details to take care of. Thankfully they are all little quick tasks - I just wish there weren't so many of them.

One of the things on my list is deciding what scrappy stuff to take with. There is a very cool "use-up-a-kit" challenge at Willow Traders that I would love to participate in. Seems like that would keep my scrappy packing pretty minimal too.

Hmmm, have to decide what I'm gonna take.

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