Monday, June 4, 2007

Where is all this STUFF coming from?

I've been trying to purge my stash... well, at least SOME of it in preparation for a SB garage sale. I keep finding stuff I didn't even remember I had. That's a sad state of affairs. I'm going to blame it on not having the ideal storage set-up. Now that DH and DS have built me some awesome shelving units, I feel like organization is within reach.

But I still can't figure out where all this stuff has come from. Could it be breeding when I'm not looking?


JenniferPriest said...

It MUST Be breeding!! LOL Where is this yeard sale? There is one at an sb store up in my area that I am considering doing because, like you, my stuff needs to be spayed and neutered!

ahalversen (DBA) said...

I think it's just SB supplies in general. Mine seem to multiply daily, taking over my entire scrap area! Good luck with your garage sale :o) I hope you make a ton of money!